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Here is a list of upcoming approved courses that count towards licensure and/or re-licensure. All licensed instructors are independent contractors and therefore handle their own course registration process including fees, schedules, and locations. A sponsor is also an independent contractor and is someone who hires an instructor to come and teach a course for them. Please contact the instructor or sponsor directly for more information.

Brain Gym® International (BGI) licenses instructors to use the work in a responsible and ethical manner. While BGI can influence the course content, it cannot control the business decisions independent contractors make.

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*Course prices vary by instructor and location. Please contact sponsor for current price.

*Pilot courses can be taken for re-licensure only and are identified in parenthesis as (*P*).

*Other classes may count towards the requirements listed. For more information please contact the foundation.

*Of the 96 elective credits required for licensure, up to 16 credits may come from specialty courses 1-99, which adapt the Brain Gym work.

501 - Brain Gym Teacher Practicum UPDATE (PD) 16 Hours
The two-day Teacher Practicum Update class is an option for alternate relicensure for Brain Gym Instructors.
505 - Double Doodle Play: A Window to Whole-Brain Vision Teacher's Training (DDTT) 16 Hours
This teacher's training course supports Brain Gym Instructors in learning to facilitate Double Doodle Play: A Window to Whole-Brain Vision. This basic, experiential approach to playful art uses the Dooble Doodle activity from Brain Gym in mixed-media projects to explore visual skills and hand-eye coordination for sustained attention in the midfield. The homeplay for this course is to complete and submit to the instructor a Double Doodle Play portfolio. Course manual included. Prerequesities: Brain Gym Teacher Practicum, Visioncircles and Double Doodle Play twice plus being currently licensed.
523 - The Movement Dynamics Teacher Training (MDTT) 16 Hours
Participants gain the practical experience needed to teach Movement Dynamics 223 MD and 224 MD (Part One: Exploring Three Dimensions 8 hours and Part Two: A Flow Medley 8 hours). Discover ways to use the Movement Dynamics flows and balances in individual, educational, and professional settings. The Movement Dynamics Teacher's Handbook ©2005 is included. Open to licensed Brain Gym Instructors who have completed Visioncircles and twice completed the Movement Dynamics Parts One and Two. Special repeaters fee.
551 - Visioncircles Teacher Training (VCTT) 32 Hours
Participants experience the ways vision is expanded and enlarged by the other senses, and learn how to facilitate sensory awareness and perceptual skills in others. This class is a requirement for licensure as a Visioncircles Instructor. Prerequisite: Visioncircles twice, Brain Gym Teacher Practicum, and Creative Vision, plus being currently licensed.
552 - Optimal Brain Organization Teacher Training (OBOTT) 24 Hours
Formerly an eight hour training as part of the Language of Movement course, Optimal Brain Organization Teacher Training is now a 24 hour workshop to empower, explicate and clarify the unique Brain Organization work of Dr. Paul Dennison and Gail Dennison, and includes the revised 2000 edition of the Brain Organization Profiles course which replaces all past editions. All instructors must attend this training to teach this new course. Prerequisite is taking Optimal Brain Organization twice and the Brain Gym Practicum, plus being currently licensed.
555 - Dominance Factor Teacher Training (DFTT) 8 Hours
Participants learn to teach the 2-day Dominance Factor course, which incorporates information from the Physiological Basis of Learning, Dominance Factor, and the depth of the work especially as it relates to preferences and the gifts each person brings through their specific dominance patterns. Open to Licensed Brain Gym Instructors in good standing who have completed The Physiological Basis of Learning within the last two years and The Dominance Factor.
556 - Hands On Teacher Mentoring (HOM) 24 Hours
This 3-day Teacher Mentoring process supports Brain Gym Instructors to present the Hands On 2 day Workshop. Mentees receive a comprehensive workshop toolbox of materials, posters, handouts and music. During the 3 days, the detailed Instructor Supplement is clearly highlighted for easy use when teaching. In addition, outlines and support materials are received for smooth facilitation of the Hands On workshop. Prerequisites: Mentees must be Brain Gym Instructors and have attended 2 Hands On workshops – One of which needs to have been taught by a course author ( Isabel Cohen or Marcelle Goldsmith ).