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Here is a list of upcoming approved courses that count towards licensure and/or re-licensure. All licensed instructors are independent contractors and therefore handle their own course registration process including fees, schedules, and locations. A sponsor is also an independent contractor and is someone who hires an instructor to come and teach a course for them. Please contact the instructor or sponsor directly for more information.

Brain Gym® International (BGI) licenses instructors to use the work in a responsible and ethical manner. While BGI can influence the course content, it cannot control the business decisions independent contractors make.

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*Course prices vary by instructor and location. Please contact sponsor for current price.

*Pilot courses can be taken for re-licensure only and are identified in parenthesis as (*P*).

*Other classes may count towards the requirements listed. For more information please contact the foundation.

*Of the 96 elective credits required for licensure, up to 16 credits may come from specialty courses 1-99, which adapt the Brain Gym work.

401 - Brain Gym Teacher Practicum (P) 32 Hours
Designed for those who wish to develop and successfully teach Brain Gym in a class or private format. Provides instruction in theory, teaching methods, and procedures, and development of an action plan for achieving professional goals. Open to students who have taken Brain Gym 101 twice, 96 hours of electives (or 16 if using Core Curriculum), Optimal Brain Organization, 14 credits of Anatomy or Kinesiology (TFH counts), Edu-K In Depth, and have completed required case studies and balances.
Dates City State/Province Country Instructor Sponsor Phone Email Notes
2019 Jun 13-16 Richmond Hill / Toronto Ontario Canada Sher Smith RN, BCPP, RCST Sher Smith, RN RPP RCST ( 905) 751-1076 info at realizingyourpotential ca
2019 Sep 23-26 Serpong Tangerang, Selatan Indonesia Henry Remanlay Dr. Tan & Remanlay Institute +62-8562712067 info at drtan-remanlay co id
2019 Nov 7-10 Santa Barbara California United States Rose Harrow Julie Newendorp (805)895-5580 mesajewel at cox net
410 - Language of Movement (LOM) 24 Hours
Deepen your knowledge of the Edu-K advanced balancing process and enhance your skills in this three-day course. An in-depth study of movements and postures as they pertain to learning abilities and brain function will be offered. New techniques for deeper relaxation and increased muscle integration will be explored, along with ways to increase vitality and body efficiency. Prerequisite: Edu-K In Depth: Seven Dimensions of Intelligence.
420 - Giving Back: Mentoring Program (GB) 16 Hours
Our elders have so much life experience and understanding to offer. Learn to tap into this vast resource to the benefit of our most disenfranchised populations: our children and frail elders. Discover how to set up a successful intergenerational mentoring program in your community whether you choose to work with children or frail elders. You will come away from this course knowing how to train elder mentors to 'give back' their wisdom to the community. Recruiting, training, collaborating with community partners, evaluating with standardized tests, and funding are some of the many topics covered. All facets of setting up in intergenerational program will be discussed, processed, role-played, and balanced until you have all the information in your mind and body. Course includes a new full-color training manual. See us in action at Prerequisite: Brain Gym Teacher Practicum plus being currently licensed.
470 - Master at Work (MW2) 8 Hours
An opportunity to spend time with the Master of the Craft of Edu-K. This is a one-day version of the Master In Depth course. Dr. Dennison shares his expertise by demonstrating the Edu-K material first hand. Prerequisite: Brain Gym Teacher Practicum plus being currently licensed.
471 - Master in Depth (MID) 24 Hours
Throughout history, major steps in the understanding of disciplines -- such as art, music,and medicine--have been achieved by first learning the information and then later spending time with the master of the craft. This quantum leap in understanding is now available to Educational Kinesiology Instructor/Consultants. In this individually tailored course, Dr. Dennison shares his expertise by demonstrating the Edu-K In Depth material first-hand. Prerequisite: Brain Gym Teacher Practicum plus being currently licensed.