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Here is a list of upcoming approved courses that count towards licensure and/or re-licensure. All licensed instructors are independent contractors and therefore handle their own course registration process including fees, schedules, and locations. A sponsor is also an independent contractor and is someone who hires an instructor to come and teach a course for them. Please contact the instructor or sponsor directly for more information.

Brain Gym® International (BGI) licenses instructors to use the work in a responsible and ethical manner. While BGI can influence the course content, it cannot control the business decisions independent contractors make.

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*Course prices vary by instructor and location. Please contact sponsor for current price.

*Pilot courses can be taken for re-licensure only and are identified in parenthesis as (*P*).

*Other classes may count towards the requirements listed. For more information please contact the foundation.

*Of the 96 elective credits required for licensure, up to 16 credits may come from specialty courses 1-99, which adapt the Brain Gym work.

301 - Edu-K In Depth: Seven Dimensions of Intelligence (EID) 32 Hours
Hands-on experience with seven dimensions of body movement, focusing on how each can support or block the learning process. Students learn to permanently integrate the principles of whole brain learning into their own processes. Open to students who have taken Brain Gym. Prerequisite for Brain Gym instructor licensure.
Dates City State/Province Country Instructor Sponsor Phone Email Notes
2017 Apr 8-12 Perth Western Australia Australia Patti Leahy-Shrewsbury Patti Leahy-Shrewsbury 410603114 pleahy-shrewsbury at bigpond com
2017 Apr 20-23 Cardiff/San Diego California United States Colleen Gardner Denise C. Hornbeak, M.S., N.V.T. 760-815-6570 superchild at att net
2017 Apr 20-24 Bandar Sri Damansara Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Siew Siew, Goh, M.Ed DR. KIDS TRAINING & LEARNING CENTRE 6016-3323378 malaysiabraingym at gmail com
2017 May 20-21, 27-28 Barcelona Spain Isabel Compan Isabel Compan een at kinemocions com
2017 Jun 5, 22-24 Budapest Hungary Zsuzsanna Köves Zsuzsanna Köves kovzsu at freemail hu
2017 Jun 15-18 Duesseldorf Germany Lydia Bose Lydia Bose lydia-bose at energy-balance eu
2017 Jun 22-25 Staunton Virginia United States Don Wetsel Health TLC 540-377-9453 dewetsel at gmail com
2017 Jun 22-25 Damme Germany Renate Wennekes Renate Wenkes 00495491 97670 info at ikl-kinesiologie de
2017 Jul 2-6 Antwerp Belgium Vinciane Schoenmaeckers Vinciane Schoenmaeckers vinciane at flow-motion be
2017 Jul 27-31 Shanghai Shanghai China Conrad Ho Shanghai Sunflower Body-Mind Studio (86) 13916795959 info at brainbodycentre com
2017 Aug 12-15 Rapallo Genova Italy Sigrid Loos Sigrid Loos +393478884867 info at sigridloos com
2017 Aug 12-15 Setapak Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Phoebe Long Mei Wah Cheng Yu Chiet 6019-2288869, 6012-3292681 yuchiet at hotmail com
2017 Sep 20-24 Dehli India Kay McCarroll & Niki Honore I Care Child Development Centre + 91 971 751 3201 or +91 783 810 7319 info at icarewellness in
2017 Oct 5-8 Hong Kong Hong Kong China Amy Choi Brain Body Centre Ltd 2323 4927/ 53135698 (WhatsApp) info at brainbodycentre com
2017 Nov 23-26 Munich Germany Lydia Bose Licht – Gesundheit – Energie Zentrum info at licht-gesundheit-energie de
2018 Jan 10-14 Chongqing Chongqing China Amy Choi Chongqing Beautiful Life Space Studio (86) 18602343399 info at brainbodycentre com
2018 Feb 5-9 Delhi Delhi India Kay McCarroll, Niki Honoré Dr. Deepshikha Manocha +91 9717513201 info at icarewellness in
2018 Feb 14-17 Bengaluru Bengaluru India Kay McCarroll, Niki Honoré Dr. Deepshikha Manocha +91 9717513201 info at icarewellness in
2018 Oct 24-28 Chongqing Chongqing China Conrad Ho Chongqing Beautiful Life Space Studio (86) 18602343399 info at brainbodycentre com