Credits for Brain Gym® Instructor Re-licensure 48 credits required every 4 years

Credits are good for one 4-year licensure period and may not be carried over.

Edu-K Credits: A minimum of 24 credits every four years must come from the following:

Alternative Credits (24 credit maximum every four years - 12 credits maximum per category, processing fee may apply):

  1. Public Service using the Edu-K Work
  2. Service to the Edu-K Foundation
    • Volunteering on the Board or a committee
    • Mentoring (upon approval and use of guidelines)
    • Translating materials
  3. Teach Brain Gym 101 and/or Sponsor Edu-K Courses (2 credits per course)
  4. Complementary Coursework (Overall, complementary programs align with the goals and vision of Edu-K. However, there may be individual aspects within a program that stray from full alignment. It is up to attendees to determine how their new knowledge gained from a complementary program supports their Brain Gym licensure.)
  5. Special Events (credit varies)
    • Attending local Brain Gym days
    • Presenting at the annual Edu-K Conference
    • Attending non-Edu-K conferences
    • Presenting Edu-K at a non Edu-K conference
  6. Professional Development (credit varies)
    • Attending courses that develop Business/Professional Skills
    • Participating in study groups/network meetings
    • Completing book reports relevant to Edu-K
  7. Other (credit varies)
    • Developing a course or product
    • Conducting research on kinesiology-based approaches
    • Publishing an article about Edu-K