Upon completion of the training, one signs a sublicense with Brain Gym® International (or an Approved Affiliate) allowing instructors/consultants to use the BRAIN GYM trademark in their title, “licensed Brain Gym Instructor/Consultant”. All licensed instructors are independent contractors, and are required to do the following in order to maintain a valid sublicense:

Core Curriculum

Brain Gym® International/the Educational Kinesiology Foundation in Ventura, California has been overseeing the development of the Educational Kinesiology profession since 1987. Initial licensing encompasses four levels of training, available around the world and in more than fifty languages, and is built around the following core curriculum:

Upon International Faculty approval, official affiliates might include supplementary coursework, practical application, and proficiency checks; however the core curriculum is always the same. Contact Brain Gym® International or the approved local affiliate for curriculum related questions.

Licensure Requirements for Canada/USA

Download Canada/USA Requirements

For the most current curriculum offerings, visit our “Find Courses” page.

BG 101 is required for Level 200 courses and above. However, when proceeding through licensure, it is not necessary to complete one level before moving to the next. Be sure to check prerequisites for individual courses.


  1. 101 Brain Gym
  2. 101 Repeat
  3. Four Case Studies


  1. 201 Optimal Brain
  2. 16 Hours


  1. 301 In Depth
  2. Three Case Studies


  1. 96 Hours of BGI Electives
  2. Eight Elective Case Studies
  3. Receive Three Balances


  1. 401 Practicum
  2. 101 Sublicense
  3. Maintain Professional

Special Notes:

  1. Under the licensure requirements, ALL courses on the Edu-K curriculum count towards
    initial licensure and re-licensure with the exceptions of Special Interest Application and Pilot
  2. Special Interest Application and Pilot courses count towards re-licensure only.
  3. Participants are encouraged to experience the work from different instructors and consultants.
  4. Other classes may count towards the requirements listed. For more information please contact the foundation.

Description of Curriculum Levels

Brain Gym® International courses are categorized into one of five levels: